Dima Biotech

DIMA Biotechnology Ltd. is a biotech company focusing on preclinical R&D products and services for druggable targets.

Currently, DIMA Biotech has established two independently developed core technology platforms:

1. Single / multiple transmembrane protein eukaryotic expression, preparation and purification platforms, apply mammalian cell expression systems, provide ECD or full-length membrane protein products closest to native conformation and functional validation. 

In addition, DIMA Biotech has developed five major functional full-length transmembrane protein preparation system, including Membrane Nanoparticle (MNP), Virus-Like Particle (VLP), Exosome (EXO), Detergent and Synthetic Nanodisc. Thousands of drug target protein products are in stock. 

2. DimAb® High-throughput single B-cell lead antibody molecule discovery platform. DIMA Biotech has completed the preparation and screening of lead antibody molecules against more than 200 drug targets by this platform in just two years.