Collection: ingenetix

Detection of bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses

ingenetix offers real-time PCR tests for the detection of pathogenic microorganisms in a wide range of fields such as veterinary medicine and human medicine. Our portfolio includes:

  • BactoReal Kits and BactoReal Assays for the detection of bacteria
  • MycoReal Kits and MycoReal Assays for the detection of fungi
  • ViroReal Kits and ViroReal Assays for the detection of viruses
  • ParoReal Kits and ParoReal Assays for the detection of parasites
  • BactoTyping and ViroTyping Kits for PCR-based genotyping of bacteria and viruses
  • Internal Positive Control Assays (labelled with VIC, NED or Cy5) with DNA or RNA target