Mouse 25μL Micro-sample ELISA Kit

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Mouse 25μL Micro-sample ELISA Kit

The Micro-sample series of ELISA kits launched by ELK Biotechnology reduce the standard loading volume from 100 μL to 25 μL. In the past, a blood sample from a mouse could only measure one or two indicators, but now the number of measurable indicators is directly doubled.
At the same time, in order to facilitate the smooth transition of experimenters from traditional ELISA to Micro-sample series, we have comprehensively upgraded the entire kit.
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Excellent product performance
① Micro-sampling: only 25μL, (75% less sample than traditional)
②Easy to operate: only the sampling volume is changed, and other reagents are not changed (no need to relearn to adapt)
③ Customized specifications: 24T/48T/96T/96T*10 (flexible combination of various customized specifications)
④ Ultra-precision: the inter-assay difference and intra-assay coefficient of variation are both less than 8.5%
⑤ High sensitivity: pg level
⑥ High specificity: the cross-reaction rate is less than 5%
⑦ Excellent recovery rate: 85%--115%
⑧ High stability: After the kit is stored at different temperatures, the maximum use time is up to 1 year