Easy Step ELISA Kit

Now, there is an Easy Step ELISA Kit
to solve your scientific research troubles!

Easy Step ELISA is a new process independently developed by ELK Biotechnology based on the three-step method. It directly labels the detection antibody with HRP to achieve one-step sampling.
Compared with traditional method kits, the entire reaction process time is reduced by half, which greatly improves experimental efficiency.
ELK's unique dedicated standard strip effectively increases the number of samples tested.

On the road of scientific research, we have been constantly studying, and we hope that our small step will help you take a big step on the road of scientific research.
One-step method EasyStep principle

The kit adopts the sandwich method principle. Coat the specific antibody in a 96-well microplate, add the standard/sample, so that the protein in the standard or the protein in the sample binds to the antibody solid-phased on the microplate, and then add the HRP-coupled antibody. , after thoroughly washing the unbound HRP-conjugated antibody, add TMB substrate to develop color. TMB is converted into blue under the catalysis of peroxidase and into the final yellow under the action of acid. The depth of color is positively correlated with the target protein in the sample. Use a microplate reader to measure the absorbance (OD value) at a wavelength of 450 nm, and calculate the sample concentration by drawing a standard curve.
More samples
An additional strip for the standard is provided.
The 96T size can test a maximum of 96 samples, and 48T can test  48 samples.

Easy operation
All raw materials have been tested for thermal stability..No standard dilution step, which can reduce operating errors and improve the accuracy of the experiment.
High speed
Complete the entire experiment in 1.5 hours, making your scientific research one step faster.


Less sampling
50ul sampling, more tests can be completed with limited samples.

Provide technical guidance throughout the entire process.
One-step method EasyStep indicator catalog
SKU Product name
ELK001ES EasyStep  Human IL6(Interleukin 6) ELISA Kit
ELK002ES EasyStep  Human CEA(Carcinoembryonic Antigen) ELISA Kit
ELK003ES EasyStep  Human PCT(Procalcitonin) ELISA Kit
ELK004ES EasyStep  Human AMH(Anti-Mullerian Hormone) ELISA Kit
ELK005ES EasyStep  Human Cys-C(CystatinC) ELISA Kit
ELK006ES EasyStep  Human GH(Growth Hormone) ELISA Kit
ELK007ES EasyStep  Human BNP(Brain Natriuretic Peptide) ELISA Kit
ELK008ES EasyStep  Human sST2(Soluble Suppression Of Tumorigenicity 2) ELISA Kit
ELK009ES EasyStep  Human OC(Osteocalcin) ELISA Kit
ELK010ES EasyStep  Human PGII(Pepsinogen II) ELISA Kit
ELK011ES EasyStep  Human PSA(ProstateSpecific Antigen) ELISA Kit


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