Cloud-clone cells

Advantages of Cloud-Clone primary cells:
 1. SPF animal room and SPF level animal experimental platform specifically developed for the preparation of primary cells :
   Cloud-Clone has three SPF animal rooms and one SPF level animal experimental center, which have been issued with the National "Production License for Experimental Animals", "Use License for Experimental Animals", and "Animal Epidemic Prevention Qualification Certificate". It legally possesses the ability to produce and use various large and small animals, providing sufficient animal sources and high-quality experimental environment for the extraction of primary cells
2. Having a professional team engaged in primary cell research and a library of primary cell products.
 The cloud clone primary cell team has over 14 years of technological accumulation and has developed isolation and culture plans for over 1000 types of primary cells, covering nearly 20 species including rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, pigs, etc. According to customer needs, rapid separation and cultivation .